Disease Management 2022/2023

Are we headed for a repeat of Season 2010/2011?

With the large inundations we have had thus far in 2022, and the long term weather outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology indicating yet more rain, disease management for season 2022/2023 is of paramount importance.

Long-range forecast overview: Issued:

  • November to January rainfall is likely to be above median for most of the eastern half of Australia, with the highest probabilities occurring in November.
  • For the fortnight 17 to 30 October, above median rainfall is very likely (greater than 80% chance) for large parts of the eastern two-thirds of Australia. Parts of Western Australia have a moderate chance (greater than 60%) of below median rainfall.
PGAI has previously produced files on disease management after the horror harvest in 2011 due to anthracnose. The abnormal conditions of the growing season were those of unprecedented spring, summer and autumn rainfall, and of mild summer temperatures – both contributing to the extensive development of the fungal disease anthracnose.  Starting to sound familiar?
This growing season is shaping up to be very wet so every precaution should be taken to minimise disease in the field.
Below are PDF files on fungal disease management and information on the diseases.  Download them and print them out.

Disease Management

Fungal disease management for Pistachio trees: 33TRAN pistachio fungal disease management TB
Fungal disease distinguishing features: 33TRAN pistachio distinguishing features TB
Disease management calendar for Pistachio Orchards: 33TRAN pistachio disease management TB