Coronavirus Covid-19



The Australian economy is resilient, and Australia is well placed to navigate the economic implications arising from the Coronavirus.
The Government has moved quickly to put in place health measures to protect the Australian community from this complex and rapidly evolving challenge.

The Australian Government recently announce an initial economic response totalling $17.6 billion across the forward estimates, representing 0.9 per cent of annual GDP. This package will protect the economy by maintaining confidence, supporting investment and keeping people in jobs.
Additional household income and business support will flow through to strengthen the wider economy.

Information on the package can be found in the file linked on this page.


It is critical that everyone look after their own health and that of their families, workers and their communities. If anyone wants more information on COVID-19, including the symptoms and what to do if you suspect you might be at risk of infection, please visit the Government Health advisory site or call the National Incident Response Centre on 1800 020 080.

Guidelines on isolation can be found here.

Up-to-date resources on COVID-19 can be found on the Department of Health website here.



  • It is important to note that it is unlikely that COVID-19 will be passed on through fresh produce. More information around the COVID-19 and fresh produce can be found at the Australian Research Centre for Food Safety in the Fresh Produce Industry website in this article by Dr Hayriye Bozkurt.
  • Poster, produced by the Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland, for workers for growers to put up on packing shed walls
  • Copy of the poster can be found in the attached file
  • Suggestions and tips for managing workforce – i.e running small teams and keeping them isolated from each other, reducing the number of “touches” on a piece of fruit, sterilisation of shared spaces after teams have been in them, signage for workers etc.


All information prepared by Trevor Ranford, Executive Officer, Pistachio Growers’mAssociation