Growing Pistachios

Pistachios are a high desert tree.

To grow and bear fruit they require very hot summers (more than 600 hours >30C); very cold winters (more than 1,000 hours Summer and autumn rains may induce fungal problems and harvest difficulties.

A good summary of growing pistachios under Australian conditions is in the book: “A Handbook for Farmers and Investors”, published by the Rural Industries Development Corporation:

Another excellent source of information is the University of Californian Fruit and Nut Research Information Centre’s on-line manual:
Pistachio Production Manual, 4th edition, 2005

Nurseries that supply grafted pistachio trees (male and female):

Sunraysia Nurseries
Sturt Highway
GolGol NSW
(5 mins across the border from Mildura)


03 5024 8502 (International 613 5024 8502)

Fax: 03 5024 8551 (International 613 5024 8551)
Postal: PO Box 45 GOL GOL NSW 2738


WA Pistachios
Pistachio Nut Tree Nursery
“The Farm” Hooper Road, Grass Valley (via Northam)
Postal: PO Box 429 Northam WA 6401

Telephone Enquires: 08 9622 9513
Fax: 08 9622 9513
Mobile: 0428 181 689



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